Welcome to Radio Stream,

We are a Leading, dedicated shoutcast stream provider based in Ireland,

Having been providing Shoutcast servers to the professional Radio indersty for the last 7 years, in 2011 we decided to brouden our streaming services to worldwide shoutcast streaming customers.

With our brand new dedicated custom built control panel and Server Backbone we can offer great value in shoutcast.

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Any Questions or Comments please get in contact with us using our contact us page or look at our FAQ page.

Happy Streaming from The RadioStream Team :)


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Current Deals

€3.99 Deal

That's right our shoutcast servers start from just €3.99 a months..So what do you get for that? here's the deal:

Stream upto maximum of 96kps

32 listener slots

unlimited bandwidth

Our Server Control Panel

24/7 Support

Better than 99% server uptime

Prefect to start your radio station upgrade any time!